Medical Skin Care

Advanced medical-grade skin care (otherwise known as cosmeceuticals) represent a group of skin products with active ingredients that can improve the function and appearance of the skin. This includes preventing premature ageing, treating acne, reducing pigmentation, improving fine lines and increasing clarity and luminosity of the skin.

They contain active ingredients at high concentrations to ensure excellent results. These products fall into the area between over the counter cosmetics (OTCs) and prescription-only medicines (POMs). As with all things in life, there are good products and not so good products.

Interestingly, cosmeceuticals not only help reverse the effects of ultraviolet radiation (termed ‘photorejuvenation’) but they are also play a crucial role in protecting your skin against skin cancer (termed ‘immunophotoprotection’ or ‘immunoprotection’).

Optimal skin care and skin health need not be complicated and when used as a long-term strategy it can help treat major skin conditions. In particular, Dr Deignan and The Regenia Clinic are big advocates of advanced skin care products which are of premium quality and have been developed with a scientific approach by identifying key features required for skin health.

What our expert says..

“One of our passions is educating patients about skin health and the benefits of cosmeceutical skin care – we genuinely believe we can help make a difference to our patients’ skin.”

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How are cosmeceuticals classified?

There are many different skin care actives within the cosmecutical field and they may be classified as follows :

  • Class I: Anti-ageing
  • Type A – Antioxidants
  • Type B – Hydroxyacids
  • Type C – Peptides
  • Type D – Others (hormones, growth factors, etc
  • Class II: Sun protectant factors
  • Class III: Anti-pigmentation
  • Class IV: Anti-acne
  • Class V: Moisturisers and botanicals

What are the key cosmeceutical compounds?

•    Vitamin A
Vitamin A products, eg. Retinol and retinaldehyde are central to your skin looking good. Multiple clinical trials have demonstrated proven benefits via stimulation of collagen and hyaluronic acid production. Retinol has also been proven to improve skin clarity and texture, promote anti-pigmentation and treat acne!
•    Alpha-hydroxy Acids
Essential as a night-time treatment. Hydroxy acids in different strengths help chemically exfoliate the skin for a smoother, glowing complexion. Our preferred options are lactic and glycolic preparations.
•    Niacinamide
Niacinamide is a wonder ingredient! Otherwise known as Vitamin B3, it is a powerful immunoprotectant, helping guard your skin against the powerful rays of the sun. It also has effects on pigmentation, can sooth your skin and reduce oiliness.
•    Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid, famously-used in dermal fillers, is also an excellent topical treatment. It is capable of holding up to 1000x its own weight in water and hence helps to restore critical moisture to dehydrated skin, increase skin’s suppleness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A must have.

How do I find out more about obtaining cosmeceuticals?

At The Regenia Clinic, we focus on skin health and getting your skin into tip-top condition. We like to offer a complimentary skin consultation patient that attends the clinic; this includes a detailed history and lifestyle assessment together with a skin analysis

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The cost of Medical Skin Care at The Regenia Clinic depends on how many areas are being treated