3D Cavitation

3D Cavitation

Non-surgical Cavitation and Radiofrequency treatment.

3D Cavitation is a method of non-surgical liposuction. It destroys fat cells in the body safely, effectively and non-invasively using low frequency ultrasound waves.

The treatment works by applying a specially designed hand-piece to your skin which transmits ultrasonic waves back and forth, gradually turning the fat cells into liquid, without harming any other tissue. The liquid is then transported to the liver and kidneys and expelled naturally from the body.

3D Cavitation is ideal for use on localised areas such as the thighs, abdomen, hips, bottom and upper arms.

An average reduction of several centimetres can often be achieved during a single session. However, we normally recommend a course of 6-8 treatments to achieve the very best results.


What our expert says…

“Cavitation is a super popular non-surgical method to help get you into shape as part of a healthy lifestyle.”


Is this 3D cavitation treatment suitable for me?

Every patient at The Regenia Clinic undergoes a thorough consultation with one of our experienced team where we will discuss your medical history, your lifestyle and all aspects of the procedure.

Because 3D Cavitation is a painless and non-invasive procedure, with virtually no side effects, it is suitable for most people.

What will I feel during 3D cavitation?

You will not require anaesthesia. The most you will feel is a slight tingling or warm sensation on the skin.

How will I feel after 3D cavitation?

The procedure leaves no scarring and you will be fine to return to everyday activities immediately after treatment. Any slight reddening of the skin will disappear very quickly

The ultrasound energy is designed to target fatty tissues beneath the skin only. It will not affect the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue.
You should drink plenty of water after treatment to ensure the broken down fat is expelled quickly.


What results can I expect from 3D cavitation treatment?

This depends on the individual patient and the area(s) being targeted. Many patients see immediate improvements. However, the results often increase over the course of a few weeks as the body starts expelling the broken down fatty tissue.

We always recommend a course of treatments to achieve the very best outcomes. Results can be long lasting, especially if you follow a healthy diet and take regular exercise.

Please note that 3D Cavitation is a ‘reshaping’ and toning procedure. It is not a treatment for obesity and will not aid weight loss.

Are there any risks, side effects or complications?

Localised bruising, mild tenderness and swelling may occur. Infection, numbness and hypersensitivity have been reported. Very rarely, distant spread causing generalised muscle weakness, difficulty with swallowing and breathing can occur.

Does it hurt?

Some patients find this treatment uncomfortable.

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