Medical Needling

Medical Needling

Medical Needling (also known as Skin Needling, Dermal Needling and Micro Needling) is a highly effective and popular treatment.

At The Regenia Clinic we carry out the procedure using 3D. This stimulates the skin to repair and regenerate itself naturally, creating a smoother, brighter and more youthful looking complexion.

It can significantly improve the appearance of many common skin complaints, including acne scarring, sun damage, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.

Although most commonly used on the face, this procedure can be used on any areas of the body prone to lines and sun damage, such as the décolleté.

Naturally better skin

It works by delivering thousands of tiny needle pricks into the dermis of the skin. This encourages the skin cells to produce new collagen and enhances the blood supply, which boosts overall radiance.

Simple, safe and effective, it is an immediate, chemical-free way to enhance your skin. It is also a superb way to improve cosmeceutical penetration into the skin to nourish and support your skin further. Please speak to one of our aestheticians for further information.

For optimum results Dr Deignan normally recommends a course of three treatments at six weekly intervals.

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How does microneedling work?

It works by delivering thousands of micro-medical needle pricks to the skin. This stimulates your body to repair the skin deep down in the dermis by producing more collagen, which in turn plumps and rejuvenates the complexion.

The increased blood flow to the area also boosts overall radiance.

Is the treatment painful?

A topical anaesthetic will be used to numb the skin prior to treatment. However, you will feel very little during the procedure, perhaps just a slight pricking or warming sensation.

Are there any side effects of medical needling?

Immediately after the treatment your skin may feel warm and tight and look as though you have sunburn.  This will start to subside within a few hours and the redness will last for no more than a couple of days.
To achieve maximum benefits from the treatment we recommend the following after-care:

•    Use tepid water to cleanse the skin for the first 48 hours.
•    Please apply the Chiroxy cream we give you, as instructed.
•    We recommend that you should avoid wearing make-up for 12 hours.
•    Please wear high factor sun protection whenever you go outside.

How long will the Dermaroller™ results last?

Most people start to see an improvement in the tone and texture of their skin after a couple of weeks. This will continue over the following months, leaving you with long-lasting improvements in the appearance of lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

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The cost of Medical Needling at The Regenia Clinic depends on how many areas are being treated