Mole or Skin Tag Removal

Mole or Skin Tag Removal

Remove unwanted moles easily and quickly.

Do you have a mole, skin tag or wart that you do not like?
At The Regenia Clinic we are able to remove unwanted moles easily and quickly under a local anaesthetic. The residual scarring is usually minimal and most patients are delighted with the cosmetic outcome.

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Brilliant to get expert advice about UV protection…
“It was brilliant to get expert advice about UV protection! I now understand that SPF and other products need to be used daily and not just when the sun is out! Thank you for all your help and advice!”



How are moles & skin tags removed?

Moles can be removed by a variety of means. Usually this involves the administration of a local anaesthetic (with you awake) and the mole is then surgically removed. This is usually combined with (electro) cautery which helps seal off the blood vessels. Moles may be either shave excised to leave a chicken pox-like scar or formally excised to leave a straight-line, linear scar.

Do I have a dressing in place?

Yes. You will usually have a small flesh-coloured dressing which remains for a total of 2 weeks in most instances. It is important to try and keep this as dry as possible in the first few days. Thereafter if it gets wet it is advisable to pat the tap dry and then use a hairdryer on a warm setting to dry things off completely.

Can I have more than one mole removed at one time?

Yes you can. We often remove a few moles in one sitting if required but there are limits to how much local anaesthetic we can use.

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The cost of Mole or Skin Tag Removal at The Regenia Clinic depends on how many areas are being treated