Multi-award winning, flavoured anti-ageing collagen drink.

Protecting your skin against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation is an absolutely essential part of maintaining skin health. UV radiation is not only the biggest cause of premature ageing but it is also implicated in skin cancer formation. Excessive exposure to UV radiation from the sun must be kept to a minimum although it is important to know that some exposure is required to help your skin produce Vitamin D.
Ultraviolet radiation is a potent source of oxygen free radicals which are the molecules that set off a dangerous chain reaction in the skin that ultimately leads to collagen & elastin breakdown and DNA damage.
Use of PHOTOPROTECTANTS (traditionally termed sunscreens, sun creams, SPFs) are therefore essential to block the harmful effects of UV light. However, topical ANTIOXIDANTS should be also to be used to minimise free radical damage too.
The latest photobiology research suggests that infrared and visible light might also contribute to the ageing process too. Therefore a ‘broad-brush’ approach to photoprotection should be used. Traditional sun creams dont do a complete job.

Dr Deigan’s Advice

Dr Deignan strongly recommends you use the very best SPFs possible to protect your skin and to be safe in the sun.The scientific field of photobiology is advancing rapidly. UV protection in all it’s forms is essential for our skin both from an anti-ageing perspective but also to help prevent skin cancer.

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What are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are nutritional products that provide health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease. There has been a huge explosion in interest in nutraceuticals over recent years especially in the skin health & cosmetic medicine arena and at The Regenia Clinic we are proud to be able to offer such cutting edge technologies.

What is Skinade?

Skinade is a multi-award winning, natural peach and mangosteen flavoured anti-ageing collagen drink containing a patent pending formulation of active ingredients that boosts your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Skinade improves the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days

What does Skinade do?

At The Regenia Clinic, we take a holistic approach to skin health and thus utilise a 360 degree approach which incorporates nutraceuticals in our bespoke skin programmes. We know that Skinade delivers essential micronutrients in liquid form and helps to re-build the collagen matrix in your skin. There is good scientific evidence that Skinade combats the signs of ageing by reducing oxidative stress, preventing cross linking of collagen fibres, increasing moisture and hydration, increasing natural hyaluronic acid production within the dermal layer of the skin. As a result this restores your skin’s youthful appearance and helps improve tone, texture and hydration.

What benefits do patients report?

After completing a course of Skinade, patients have reported some of the following results:
•    Increased skin hydration and radiance.
•    Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
•    Increased skin suppleness.
•    Healthier looking hair and nails.

Expected timeline benefits
•    After 4-6 days skin becomes softer and more hydrated.
•    After 10-14 days skin becomes more smooth, radiant, glowing and more uniform.
•    From 2-4 weeks skin starts to appear firmer and fuller with often a noticeable reduction in fine line and wrinkles.
•    After the 4-6 weekly skin-renewal cycle, the improvements continue to build. Individual result will vary but, with continued use on a daily basis, your skin will continue to improve.

The Cosmopolitan trial

Cosmopolitan beauty writer Lucy Partington (24) underwent a 30 day trial of nutraceuticals using Skinade and she shared her experience with her magazine readers. After completing a 30 day trial her skin thickness and quality was assessed using the latest skin analysis equipment including Cortex Technology. The following scientifically proven results were noted:
•    30.5% increase in skin hydration.
•    3.5% increase in skin thickness (improved collagen structure in the dermis).
•    20.39% increase in collagen density.

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